viennacontemporary 2016 | Galleries from Emerging Art Markets

Discover rising art stars from China, video art from Taiwan and hidden gems from Dubai! These far-travelled galleries, are conquering Europe through Vienna, from September 22-25 at viennacontemporary, Marx Halle Vienna.

Dubai-based gallery Carbon 12 will be showing new works by gallery artists, including Austrian Painter Bernhard Buhmann. The artist’s surreal, large-format and often playful works conjure alternate realities, in which figuration and abstraction balance each other out. Carbon 12 will also be exhibiting a large drawing by Olaf Breuning, and a rare 2009 work by Gil Heitor Cortesão, as well as introducing for the first time the works of Austrian artist Monika Grabuschnigg.  Philip Mueller, and last but not least Ralf Ziervogel will be the other artists of this year’s edition. The focus of the gallery is to demonstrate the steadiness and development of the practise of these represented artists.

Liang Gallery from Taipei will show Chen I-Chun, best known for her artistic practice in video art, experimental animation/video, interactive art, multi-media art, and paintings. The idea of her artworks is to weave a giant map of the history of rural villages and industries, which carries her personal experiences among reality and illusion. For the series presented at viennacontemporary, “Do You Dream of Electric Sheep?”, the artist borrows the narrative structure of novel in chapters (a traditional Chinese literature form) to compose an investigation report with eleven short chapters.  In the story, an archeologist from the future and from another planet comes down to earth to investigate the fifty years before and after the destruction of earth. He looks at how the culture and human activities have changed over this period of time. The This idea originated from Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” published in 1968.

PIFO Gallery
’s focus and passion is Chinese abstract art. The Beijing gallery will bring works by seven artists, to create a thematic display titled Written by Painting. Traditional Chinese literati works blend all Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar – calligraphy, painting, music and games of skill and strategy. Many of the artists included in Written by Painting reflect and engage with Literati painting traditions. Wang Jieyin, Wang Chuan, Tan Ping, and Huang Yuanqing have worked consistently for thirty years refining their practices and exploring the nuances of writing, line, colour and tone. Zhang Jian, Kang Haitao, and Wang Jian, a younger generation of artists, also create works in other mediums such as installation and photography, yet have an innate and natural affinity with the simplicity and intensity of the Literati form. Their paintings, included in this display, demonstrate the enduring influence of the Chinese literati form.

Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, http://www.boersligallery.com
PIFO Gallery, Bejing, en.pifo.cn

Gallery H.A.N., Seoul, http://www.gallery-han-com

Liang Gallery, Taipei, www.lianggallery.com

SANATORIUM, Istanbul, http://www.sanatorium.com.tr
Galeri Zilberman, Istanbul, www.galerizilberman.com

Carbon 12, Dubai, http://www.carbon12dubai.com

For a full list of exhibitors and a preview to their presentations, please check out our online catalogue!

22–25 September 2016
Marx Halle Vienna


Early Bird day ticket (presale online): 5,00 euro – limited availability!

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