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Gallery Weekend Budapest 2016 | What not to miss?

Take a peek into the Hungarian capital’s thriving art scene on the weekend of Septmeber 9-11. Here’s which events and exhibitions you should experience at the third edition of Gallery Weekend Budapest.

The first GWB was first organized in 2014 as a bottom-up initiative by for-profit art galleries in Budapest. The Hungarian contemporary art scene felt a need of an event where it can present itself to international art aficionados, but also let the wider public explore the treasures of culture that hide in inner-city apartments and behind glass shop fronts.

GWB will present a wide range of Hungarian and Eastern European art in 20 venues. If not sure where to venture first, take one of four different English-language, free-of-charge tours.

Ani Molnár Gallery
Bródy Sándor u. 22. | 1088 Budapest

During Gallery Weekend Budapest, Emese Benczúr’s (Hungary) and Marge Monko’s (Estonia) show entitled “Let it shine” will be on view. The tension between the fragile nature and the sharp criticism of Benczúr and Monko’s works establishes the dynamics of their duo show. The delicate pieces unfold a critical statement about consumerism, femininity and everyday mass manipulation. There’s a chance to meet Emese Benczúr, who is among the most important conceptual artists in Hungary, on Saturday (10/09/16, 2pm & 5pm). She will talk about her current exhibition with Monko, as well as about her artistic practice.

Chimera-Project Gallery
Klauzál tér 5. | 1072 Budapest

Chimera-Project Gallery will present Estonian artist Anu Vahtra. Her first exhibition in Hungary, “Forms of adaptation. This space intentionally left blank” takes as its starting point Vahtra’s artist book “Untitled” (2015), which documents ten of her spatially concerned projects. Focusing on a blank page, the title of the exhibition refers to the empty space intentionally included in Vahtra’s book. For the exhibition at Chimera-Project Gallery, Vahrtra introduces a series of translations of a two-dimensional page back to a three-dimensional, physical space. On Sunday, the Estonian artists will present her publication and guide through the Exhibition (11/09/16, 2 pm).

INDA Galéria
Király utca 34. II/4 | 1061 Budapest

The main rooms of the gallery will present a joint exhibition of works by Marianne Csáky and Ágnes Eperjesi (Hungary) and Agnieszka Grodzińska (Poland). The show, titled “Stretching Space”, contains photo-based works, videos, installations and objects by the three artists. The visitor is guided through the show by the common points in the works’ visual languages, and by the thematic dialogues emerging thereof.

Inda’s Project Room will host an exhibition of a series of works by Agnes Aperjesi and Tibor Varnagy from the 1990s, curated by Barnabas Bencsik, which will open on Saturday (10/09/16, 6 pm). Furthermore, young visitors will be offered the chance to create works in the spaces of the gallery with the guidance of artists and art educators, at children’s program “Indapalanta”.

Knoll Galéria Budapest
Liszt Ferenc tér 10 | 1061 Budapest

Knoll Galéria presents new exhibition „The Age of Nation“ (Opening 09/09/16, 7 pm) , which questions established notions of nation and nationalism as well as mechanisms that try to change the bourgeoise-liberal model of nations: developments of racism, social exclusion, enemy images und radical nationalism. Artist from Hungary, Slovakia, Russia or Serbia – AES+F (RU/DE), Csaba Nemes (HU), Matej Kaminský (SK) and Daya Cahen (NL/US), amongst others – deal in their works with problematic developments of the present. On Saturday, Hans Knoll will lead a curatorial tour through the exhibition (10/09/16, 1 pm).

Henszlmann Imre utca 3 |1053 Budapest

And indeed the tragedy of our age is fully present in it“, a show by young Hungarian Painter Dominika Trapp, is on display at TRAPÉZ. It deals with the the anthropocone, the age shaped by human influence, or the end thereof. Trapp paraphrases paintings by István Farkas, a Hungarian painter who was a victim of Holocaust, for her installation. For the gallery weekend, the artist is preparing a performance, entitled Asarotos Oikos [The Unswept Room] about food waste and a contemporary lifestyle based on excessive consumption (Friday, 09/09/16, 8 pm). On Sunday, curator Lívia Páldi will hold a guided tour though the exhibition (11/09/16, 5 pm).

Weekend House / Budapest Projekt Galéria
Kossuth Lajos u. 14-16 | 1053 Budapest

In addition to the works on display at the galleries, special group exhibition “Nylon Discotheque” will take place at Budapest Project Gallery. Curated by Gábor Rieder, art director of GWB, the exhibition wants to combine the best participating galleries have to offer. The show will include a large installation by Zsófia Keresztes (Erika Deák Gallery),  as well as artworks by Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair (Ani Molnár Gallery), János Fodor (Kisterem), Áron Galambos (VILTIN Gallery), Csilla Klenyánszki (TRAPÉZ), László Lakner (Art+Text Budapest), Paul Horn (Knoll Gallery), Benjámin Pelcz (NextArt Gallery), Péter Somody (INDA Gallery), Péter Szarka (acb Gallery) and Géza Perneczky (Chimera-Project Gallery), amongst others. If in town on Friday already, don’t miss the Opening Party (09/09/16, 9-12 pm).


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