New Galleries in Vienna | 2016

 There are countless reasons for a gallery to be present in an enchanting city like Vienna with diverse cultural life. Explore five new and exciting contemporary art galleries, that opened or moved to the Austrian capital in 2016.

Galerie Nathalie Halgand |

Galerie Nathalie Halgand opened early 2016 in Vienna, Austria. The gallery focuses on the discovery and promotion of austrian and international emerging and mid-career artists working across media, ranging from sculpture and painting to installations and photography, with an emphasis on materially driven work. The key mission of the gallery is the comprehensive support of artists and their ambitious visions. A further aim of the gallery is to actively contribute to the contemporary art discourse by introducing art that interacts with the surrounding society, and the encouragement of a new generation of collectors.

Stiegengasse 2 / 3, 1060 | | Instagram: @nathalie_halgand

Croy Nielsen |

Croy Nielsen was initiated as a commercial gallery in early 2008 by Oliver Croy and Henrikke Nielsen. Previously, it had existed as a project space in a private apartment. Close collaboration with Berlin-based artists like Nina Beier and Mandla Reuter always formed a natural core of the program, completed by international artists of the same generation, such as Marie Lund and Benoît Maire. Within the past years younger artists – Olga Balema, Sebastian Black, Marlie Mul, and Hugh Scott-Douglas among them – have become an important part of the program as well. Furthermore the gallery represents elder artists such as Mitchell Syrop and the estate of Albert Mertz. In autumn 2016 the gallery moved to Vienna.

Parkring 4, 1010 | | instagram: henrikkecroynielsen

Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer | 

After three years of working at the premises in the Brucknerstraße 8 in Vienna, Lisabird Contemporary changed the name and moved to Brucknerstrasse 4  in September 2016.  Represented artists: Frauke Dannert, Alex Hoda, Karl Karner, Alina Kunitsyna, Lindsay Lawson, James English Leary, Markus Redl, Patric Sandri, Grear Patterson, Maximilian Prüfer, Pier Stockholm, TOMAK, Rodrigo Valenzuela. 

Brucknerstrasse 4, 1040 | | instagram: @galerie.kandlhofer

Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art |

On the 17th September 2016 in addition to the Düsseldorf gallery Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art opened a branch in Vienna. Two of their core fields, German expressionism and ZERO-art, have been seen too rarely in Vienna. Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art will attempt to close this gap. Beck & Eggeling was able get Katharina Husslein on board for the the management of this branch which is located at the first floor of a Gründerzeit building at Margaretenstraße 5 and can be visited by appointment only.

Margaretenstraße 5/19, 1040 | | Instagram: beckeggeling

Vin Vin |
Founded in March 2016 by Vincenzo Della Corte, the project is strongly focused on emerging practices, and gives the exposure to young artists, acting as an incubator for their vision. Vin Vin has been showing artists from Germany, Denmark, Croatia and in May Samuel Richardot, a French painter, will have a solo exhibition.
Bartensteingasse 14, 1010 | | Instagram @vindellacorte

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