New Galleries in Vienna | 2017

It’s not even April yet, but Vienna has seen four new gallery openings in 2017 already! Some familiar names and new faces of the Viennese young art scene to know.

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif |

Christine Koenig Gallery has been searching for additional space for a while as they were already using the third room at the gallery for special presentations. It is true that a large amount of young artists like to work installation-based and use the space expansively. KOENIG2, which is only 70 meters away from the gallery, is therefore the perfect location for these sorts of works: now they can offer a nearly square space (25 qm) in reaction to an increasing urge for solo presentations of a younger generation.
Located at the Margaretenstraße, just beneath the newly opened branch of the Düsseldorf gallery Beck & Eggeling, KOENIG2 should expand the gallery cluster around the infamous Schleifmühlgasse. The adjunct by_robbygreif is meant to emphasize that the space does clearly belong to Christine König Gallery and Robby will do his best to preserve its quality standards but at the same time enrich its program and the Viennese gallery scene with thoughtful and fascinating positions. The density of project spaces in Vienna, compared to other european cities, still offers some tolerance to do so.
Margaretenstraße 5, 1040 | | Instagram: @koenigzwei

Galerie Zeller van Almsick  |

Zeller van Almsick is a new gallery based in Vienna committed to an upcoming generation of Austrian artists. In the beginning there was no fixed space. For the past 5 years there were different venues in different cities. The nomadic character of the curated exhibition series under the moniker “Cornelis van Almsick Satellite” with its temporal character and its special locations were unique to Vienna.

Spatial conditions had a great influence on how their shows were put together, where there was always a close relationship within the works exhibited and the qualities of the space. During this period the team had the chance to work and intensify the connection to the artists and their work, as well as curators and collectors, rather than having the burden of filling a permanent exhibition space.

Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 / 16, 1010 | |  Instagram @cornelis_van_almsick


GIANNI MANHATTAN was founded in January 2017 by Laura Windhager. It is a contemporary art gallery and publishing house. The gallery promotes international and Austrian emerging artists and conceives gallery work not as a singular field, but a correlation of multiple knowledges, generated in close collaboration with different practices.
GIANNI MANHATTAN publishing focuses on the dissemination of artists’ writing. Each publication is understood as an exchange between the artist, graphic designer and publisher. For the first publication, artist Barbara Kapusta published her writings between 2014 and 2016, the title font was co-designed in close cooperation with the Swiss graphic designer Sabo Day.

Wassergasse 14, 1030 Wien | | Instagram @giannimanhattan

Galerie Ermes Ermes |

Ermes was founded in 2015 by Ilaria Leoni in Rome, and it used to be a nomadic gallery. Each show has been organized in a different venue, among others a private apartment, a lobby of an art deco hotel and a foundry space.
The program of the gallery is based on an intuitive approach rather than a strictly curatorial selection. The gallery program focuses on international young artists whose practices investigate different media including sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, video, performance and installation-based work.
Linke Wienzeile 36 / 1c, 1060 | | Instagram @ermesermes

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