#VIENNALOVE | Katharina Abpurg

viennacontemporary head of VIP Relations Katharina Abpurg joined the team in 2012. In this post she shares her view on the contemporary side of Vienna. 

How is Vienna’s young art scene? who are the young artists one should follow?
We do have a broad offer of strong Austrian galleries working internationally and over the past two years young galleries have been spreading over the city. I personally like to see brave and young aspiring gallerists being super focused and successful! What is outstanding are the many artist-run spaces supported by the city of Vienna and, of course, our well renowned art universities bringing young, creative minds into town, of which many fall in love with the city and stay.
I personally like the work of Flora Hauser who will be presented at this year’s ZONE1 at viennacontemporary. I also admire Lisa Holzer’s work…

What is important for you in an artwork?
Gut feeling first.

What is your favorite building in Vienna?
Apart from Secession it is Roberthof, a building around the corner of my home in the second district. It belonged to a French businessman who brought sugar to Vienna. A big terracotta building with beautiful emblems, a yard with old trees inside, built just before 1900.

If you would have to describe Vienna to someone who has never been here?

You can sense history and the historic imperial importance of the city nearly everywhere, with some secrets and dark corners of course.  The city is indeed classic and traditional with a slower rhythm to enjoy –  at the same time I say it has a strong, young, fit (underground) scene in music and art, also shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs. After a long night out you can enjoy a super high quality of living, cycle and walk between the art institutions, coffee places and parks. I travel a lot and love coming back.

What is your favorite museum in Vienna?
Secession. The absolutely beautiful building shows what Vienna’s art scene stood for, a break up.

It’s still artist run and realizes amazing shows with avant-guarde artists

Is there any book, movie or a song which describes the best your perception of Vienna? 
Falco! Amadeus Amadeus!

When you want to take a break from the art scene, where do you go? what do you do?
Prater, a park and forest next to my house, bigger than Hyde Park and a place to breathe.
What do you think makes Vienna special compared to other cities you’ve been to?
Like I once heard, Vienna is a city of excellence. Quality of living is high, it has a fantastic and unique cultural offer, hardly any crime, you can sit with one coffee for hours, and all other things work well.
I hope all people coming to Vienna will experience this.
A mixture of tradition and living a contemporary la vida loca in the hipster areas enjoying the ever existing culture.

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