viennacontemporary 2017 | Established & Reflections

We are happy to announce galleries in this year’s viennacontemporary special categories: Reflections and Established.



With this category viennacontemporary underlines the curatorial aspect of gallery work and offers participating galleries a particular presentation platform for exhibitions that have been specifically conceived for the fair.

418 Contemporary Art Gallery (RO), http://www.418gallery.com
ASPN (DE), http://www.aspngalerie.de
Anca Poterașu Gallery (RO), www.ancapoterasu.com
balzer projects (CH), www.balzerprojects.com
bechter kastowsky galerie (AT), www.bechterkastowsky.com
Boccanera (IT), http://www.arteboccanera.com
Carbon 12 (AE),  http://www.carbon12dubai.com
Cecilia Hillström Gallery (SE), http://www.chgallery.se
Croy Nielsen (AT), https://croynielsen.com/
DIEHL (DE), http://www.galerievolkerdiehl.com
Doris Ghetta (IT), www.dorisghetta.com
EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS (RO), https://www.eastwardsprospectus.com/
Flatland Gallery (NL), www.flatlandgallery.comwww.flatlandgallery.com
Galerie Nathalie Halgand (AT), http://www.galeriehalgand.com
GANDY GALLERY (SK), http://www.gandy-gallery.com
Geukens & De Vil (BE), http://www.geukensdevil.com
Galerie Hammelehle und Ahrens (DE), http://www.haah.de
HIDDE VAN SEGGELEN (UK), http://www.hiddevanseggelen.com
Gerhard Hofland (NL), http://www.gerhardhofland.com
Inda Gallery (HU), www.indagaleria.hu
Galerie Iragui (RU), www.iragui.com
Ivan (RO), www.ivangallery.com
JECZA GALLERY (RO), www.jeczagallery.com
KUBIKGALLERY (PO), www.kubikgallery.com
Galerie Bernd Kugler (AT), www.berndkugler.at
Le Guern Gallery (PL), www.leguern.pl
Maksla XO (LV), www.makslaxogalerija.lv
MENO NISA gallery (LT), www.menonisa.lt
Ani Molnár Gallery (HU), www.molnaranigaleria.hu
P74 Gallery (SL), http://www.zavod-parasite.si
Raster (PL), http://www.raster.art.pl
Raum mit Licht (AT), www.raum-mit-licht.at
Galerie Reinthaler (AT), www.agnesreinthaler.com
Rod Barton (UK), www.rodbarton.com
SANATORIUM (TR), www.sanatorium.com.tr
SARIEV Contemporary (BG), www.sariev-gallery.com
SEXAUER (DE), www.sexauer.eu
Galerija Škuc (SL), http://www.galerija.skuc-drustvo.si
Galerie Silvia Steinek (AT), http://www.galerie.steinek.at
galerie michaela stock (AT), www.galerie-stock.net
Triangle (RU), www.gallerytriangle.com
unttld contemporary (AT), www.unttld-contemporary.com
VAN HORN (DE), www.van-horn.netwww.van-horn.net
Galerija Vartai (LT), www.galerijavartai.lt
Vin Vin (AT), www.vinvin.eu
Warhus Rittershaus (DE), www.warhusrittershaus.de
ŻAK | BRANICKA (DE), www.zak-branicka.com



This is the category for contemporary art galleries founded more than five years ago.

Galerie Mikael Andersen (DK), www.mikaelandersen.com
annex14 (CH), www.annex14.com
Artelier Contemporary (AT), www.artelier-contemporary.at
bäckerstrasse4 (AT), www.baeckerstrasse4.at
Beck & Eggeling (AT), http://www.beck-eggeling.de
Andreas Binder (DE), www.andreasbinder.de
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard (DK), www.bjerggaard.com
Charim Galerie (AT), www.charimgalerie.at
Galerie CRONE (AT), www.galeriecrone.com
Lukas Feichtner Galerie (AT), www.feichtnergallery.com
Gallery H.A.N. (KR), www.gallery-han.com
Galerie Jochen Hempel (DE), www.jochenhempel.com
Galerie Ernst Hilger (AT), www.hilger.at
Galerie Martin Janda (AT), www.martinjanda.at
Gesellschaft für projektive Ästhetik vormals Georg Kargl Fine Arts (AT), www.georgkargl.com
Kisterem (HU), www.kisterem.hu
Knoll Galerie (AT), www.knollgalerie.at
Christine König Galerie (AT), www.christinekoeniggalerie.at
Konzett (AT), www.artkonzett.com
KOW (DE), www.kow-berlin.info
Galerie Krinzinger (AT), http://www.galerie-krinzinger.at
Galerie Emanuel Layr (AT), www.emanuellayr.com
Daniel Marzona (DE), www.danielmarzona.com
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art (AT), www.galerie-mam.com
Galerie Meyer Kainer (AT), www.meyerkainer.com
Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder (AT), www.schwarzwaelder.at
Galerie Karl Pfefferle, München (DE), www.galeriekarlpfefferle.de
PIFO Gallery (CN), www.pifo.cn
pop/off/art gallery (RU), www.popoffart.com
Regina Gallery, Moscow (RU), www.reginagallery.com
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (AT), www.ropac.net
Galerie Michael Schultz (DE), www.galerie-schultz.de
Gabriele Senn Galerie (AT), www.galeriesenn.at
Galerie Michael Sturm (DE), www.galerie-sturm.de
SUPPAN FINE ARTS (AT), www.suppancontemporary.com
Gallery Taik Persons (DE), http://www.gallerytaikpersons.com
Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman (AT), www.galeriethoman.com
Zilberman Gallery (TR), www.zilbermangallery.art 

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Save the Date
21 – 24 September 2017
Marx Halle Vienna


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