#VIENNALOVE | Das Techno Café im Volksgarten Pavillon

Das Techno Café is the highlight of this summer! Taking place every Tuesday evening from May till September, Das Techno Café brings the hottest DJ’s and party people to Volksgarten Pavillon. We spoke to the head organiser and initiator, Sandra Kendl, about how she got started and her personal insights and loves of Vienna.

Sandra Kendl
Facebook: Sandrakendllove
Website: www.sandrakendl.net

This years viennacontemporary opening celebrations will take place at Volksgarten Pavillon on Wednesday, 26th September at 9pm. Don’t miss this exciting event!Gif

VC: When and how did Techno Café start as a project?
Sandra Kendl:
The first party took place in a cellar located in the 8 district of Vienna on Tuesday, 9thof January 1996. So it all started a long long time ago… At that time, a good friend of mine took over the management of the mentioned location and asked me if I wanted to organise parties there. Young and in love with the sound of Techno and dancing, I said yes. And that was how the idea to launch Austria’s first Lounge-Club on a weekday was born. The idea was to create a communication platform in a relaxing atmosphere and to bridge the unbearable days between the weekends.

Why do the parties take place on Tuesdays?
Because all great people are going out on Tuesdays. And now honestly speaking, it was simply the last free day of the week at that event location.

What were the highlights when you look back?
Definitely the very first techno carnival party, the first shows with the legendary Punk Anderson and many musical highlights with various great Viennese DJ’s. And, of course, the first four years celebrating house music in the Volksgarten Pavillon during summer and techno during winter until the early hours of the morning in the former Banane (now Säulenhalle).

There is a common delusion that Vienna is boring when it comes to going out. What are your personal musts? Where do you take your friends who are visiting Vienna? Clubs, Bars, underground parties?
In my opinion, Vienna is the opposite of boring when it comes to its nightlife. It used to be rather dull in the 90ies. Today, however, there is a broad range of offers, something for everyone and for everyday. We have a really great variety of everything in Vienna. I love spending time with friends, preferably in bars and open air parties. Some of my favourite places with great cocktails are the rooftop bar at Ritz Carlton, Roberto, Motto am Fluss, Heuer as well as the Real White Rabbit Bar. I also really enjoy events such as the Walden Festival, open air parties in the castle Cobenzl as well as Lichterfest and Full moon tours at the Old Danube.

Who are the DJ’s from Vienna you would suggest to follow?
Well, to name a few, Functionist, Ksawa, Oberst & Buchner, Le Sale, Roman Rauch, Jakob Bouchal, Davi dB.

Are there things that still surprise you about Vienna?
Yes, I will never understand how some people in Vienna can be so grumpy and unfriendly at times and how everyone here seems to be scared of some raindrops. But more importantly, I am very pleased that Vienna is such a moving city with huge creative outputs.

What is your favourite building in Vienna?
The classic Greek Temple of Theseus in Volksgarten.

Theseus Temple, Illuminated by night © KHM-Museumsverband
Now on view: Felix Gonzalez-Torres | Untitled, 1993
(Lovers – Paris), Light bulbs, porcelain light sockets and extension cords. Two parts: Overall dimensions vary with installation Collection Glenstone Museum, Potomac, Maryland © The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York © Foto: KHM-Museumsverband

Describe your perfect weekend in Vienna?
Sleeping in, enjoying a healthy nice breakfast in my garden, going for a walk into the forest with good friends and having great conversations. Meeting more friends for dinner, and enjoying some cocktails afterwards in a nice bar and then flirting, dancing, laughing and having fun. To conclude the night, a walk through the empty streets of Vienna’s beautiful downtown…Another perfect weekend would be waking up early and spending all day in nature to recharge my batteries.

Is there a book, movie or song, which best describes Vienna and your perception of it?
Hahaha, interesting question, I never thought about that … Well, no one song could possibly describe Vienna in its charming entirety. I would rather describe it as a musical journey starting with the Viennese Waltz, merging into the emotional sounds of an Opera, flowing into a sweet musical, followed by Austro Pop and then moving on to House and Techno and ending with a beautiful love song.

What is contemporary Vienna for you?
In addition to the wide classical range of concerts, museums and festivals, Vienna has a great offer of modern, interesting and professionally organised festivals around art, design, fashion, dance as well as culinary highlights. Vienna is not only imperial but also contemporary. I am looking forward to attend this year’s viennacontemporary.

What is the sound of Vienna for you?
In this question, I would like to refer to the musical journey as described above.

Starting from May till September, the legendary Techno Café invites you to be part of the Volksgarten Pavilion once again. Every Tuesday, Vienna’s trendiest people gather under the Oswald Haerdtl designed pavilion to enjoy the best electronic music and the unique garden atmosphere.

The Techno Café is one of the most popular party venues in Vienna. Partygoers meet at one of Vienna’s loveliest gardens to enjoy a summer evening over good drinks and local and international DJs. Besides established music icons,  Techno Café has a line up of the most up-and-coming young talents from around the world.

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Save the Date
27 – 30 September 2018
Marx Halle Vienna


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