viennacontemporary 2018 | Media Talks

For the third year running, viennacontemporary gives the floor to media outlets, such as EIKON, Collectors Agenda, PARNASS, to voice their views on the contemporary art world.

Media Talks | 28–30 September, 12:30 pm | Talks Area C32

Friday, 28 September 2018 | 12:30-1:30 pm, German

Talks_Collectors_1 .jpgManuel Gorkiewicz, Artist, Vienna
Bettina LeidlDirector of KUNST HAUS WIEN
Moderator: Nela EggenbergerEditor-in-Chief of EIKON

Still life, a classic of photography, which for a long time was associated with a small niche of contemporary art, has lately been taken up again and reinterpreted by numerous photographers. Can you, however, speak of an actual re-invention of the genre? If yes, why is it happening now? EIKON will take up these and further questions in an expert discussion on the occasion of the current focus of the September issue.

Saturday, 29 September 2018 | 12:30-1:30 pm, English

Talks_Media_2 .jpgVincenzo Della Corte, Gallerist, Vin Vin, Vienna
Gabriele Edlbauer, Artist, Vienna 
Chloe Stead, Art Critic, Writer, Berlin
Moderator: Alexandra-Maria Toth, Editor of Art Platform Collectors Agenda, Vienna

To the degree that the contemporary art world impresses by record sales and attaches monetary criteria to valuating art, the orienting and contextualizing role of art criticism seems to be falling short of reaching a critical mass among the art public any more. Once useful as a provider of new criteria of judgement and navigation help in the face of a steady flow of constantly new artistic practice, the influence of art criticism is experiencing a decline. What can put art criticism back on the agenda of the art scene and let it regain its original role? And what else could art criticism involve? With populism gaining ground, may it for instance play a bigger role to foster a greater sensitivity and appreciation towards artistic practice and critical thinking as such among a wider public, beyond the established circles of the art scene?

Sunday, 30 September 2018 | 12:30-1:30 pm, GermanTalks_Collectors_2 2.jpg

Victoria Dejaco, Curator ZONE1, Writer, Curator, Stefan Stolitzka Collection
Silvie Aigner, Editor in Chief of the Austrian art magazine PARNASS

Vienna’s contemporary art scene is thriving thanks to its forward-thinking institutions and numerous galleries which represent Austrian and international artists. In the recent years a new generation has bursted onto the city’s art scene, carrying the torch of Viennese art with young, innovative energy, setting a spotlight on local talents and artists from abroad. The conversation will focus on Vienna´s art scene and the conditions which are essential to form a supportive ecosystem for young artists, collectors and galleries by taking Victoria Dejaco´s selection of eight artists for the 2018 edition of ZONE1 as an example.

PARNASS is the Media partner of ZONE1 at viennacontemporary 2018.

Featured image: © Andrea Witzmann, “In der Fülle der Zeit 4”, 2012
Photo: Gabriele Edlbauer © Florian Voggeneder, Silvie Aigner © PARNASS, Christian Jungwirth

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27–30 September 2018
Marx Halle Vienna



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