viennacontemporary 2018 | Encounters Sound Installation

Introducing Encounters, a sound installation at viennacontemporary by Mia Legenstein featuring poets of Vienna poetry school.

Acoustic poetry installation featuring poets of Vienna poetry school | by Mia Legenstein | 26– 30 September | Entrance hall Marx Halle Vienna 

Friday, 28 September 2018 | 3:00pm, English

Acoustic poetry installation featuring poets of Vienna poetry school | by Mia Legenstein
Presentation followed by guided tour through the fair (free entry)
Introduction: Fritz Ostermayer
Presentation of Installation: Mia Legenstein
Meeting Point: Entrance hall of Marx Halle

This sound installation is a contemporary allegory of a gathering place for artists, poets, musicians, inventors, visitors, passengers, et. al. such encounters open doors to new and enriching possibilities for international collaborations and have an impact on all art forms. The visitors of viennacontemporary travel all over the world to explore the newest contemporary art, meeting their contemporaries at different places in various countries. Once a year they are gathering here in Vienna to see and experience art in the legendary venues of Marx Halle. They will enter the art fair through this passage of noises, sounds and voices of poets who have followed the call of Vienna poetry school since more than 25 years. The poetry school offers space for international poets from different genres and traditions to work and create together, to be inspired by and to learn from each other. The art of telling a story, in whichever form – written, visual, acoustic – enlightens the art of living. Visitors will be able to listen to those stories and to encounter the poets of Vienna poetry school by walking through an acoustic sculpture.

Curated, edited: Mia Legenstein
Soundscapes: Mia Legenstein
Sound mastering: Jürgen Nußbaum

The installation in the entrance hall is accessible during viennacontemporary 2018 Wednesday, 26 September: 10am–9pm
Thursday & Friday 27–28 September: 11am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 29 – 30 September: 11am–6pm
schule für dichtung http://www.sfd.at

Mia legenstein is sound designer, composer, DJ, teacher & oversees VIP relations at viennacontemporary. Her works bridges different genres and collaborations in the area between music, language and performance. She holds a master in music and musicology from the University of Vienna and Sorbonne Paris and has earned a certificate in audio producing at the SAE institute. Mia has co-instructed the class “acoustic poetry” at the Vienna poetry school and has attended various classes of sfd-poets (Anne Waldman, Sainkho Namtchylak, Gerhard Rühm, et. al.). She has published her research about experimental voice: “Der emotionale Ausdruck der Stimme” and is currently a tutor at the University of Vienna (seminar: “oriental music and migration”). At her job for viennacontemporary Mia Legenstein travels around the globe to socialize with people from the art scene and invite them to the fair in Vienna.  www.sieclelibre.at

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Save the Date
27–30 September 2018
Marx Halle Vienna





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