Contemporary art | Klagenfurt

Our selection of contemporary art sites to visit in and around Klagenfurt represents how artists, gallerists, collectors and architects have found ways to merge art with nature. For Forest by Klaus Littmann will bring a forest into Klagenfurt’s Wörthersee Stadium this September and October. Moreover, Kunstalm’s Sculpture Park showcases a private collection open to the public in its 15.000 square meters of alpine meadows.

Discover contemporary art in Carinthia by reading our list below!

For Forest by Klaus Littmann | Südring 207, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee




For Forest – The Indomitable Force of the Attraction of Nature is a temporary art intervention by Klaus Littmann (Littmann Kulturprojekte) based on a drawing by Austrian artist Max Peintner. In September and October 2019, an authentic forest will be exhibited at Klagenfurt’s Wörthersee Stadium, with the playing field being completely covered by a mixed forest. From the grandstands, spectators can admire the spectacle of the trees day and night (from 10:00 to 22:00) with free admission. The resulting image will have a strong surreal expressiveness. This project places Austria’s most modern stadium at the centre of national attention, through a completely new artistic intervention of rare size.

KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH | Deutenhofenstraße 3, 9020 Klagenfurt




At the beginning of 2014, Sigrun and Günther Kollitsch opened their new company headquarters, and in doing so they created not only a special place for their staff but also an appropriate setting with sufficient space for their personal sphere of interest – fine art. From this starting point the KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH was formed, enhancing the office building with contemporary art and aiming to combine the world of work with the world of art at a high level. In the modern, museum-like ambience of the building, contemporary art by young, innovative and also established artists is being presented. The collection, that changes on an annual basis, shows loaned works as well as those from the Kollitsch collection.

SoART artist in residency | Grossegg 15b, 9800 Spittal an der Drau




Through SoART Millstättersee, Erwin and Marion Soravia want to offer artists the opportunity to develop and produce new work, whilst surrounded by contemporary architecture and breathtaking natural beauty. This unique environment, which is a constant source of strength and inspiration for the members of the Soravia family themselves, will help young artists spread their creative wings. By fostering a network for Austrian and international artists, SoART Millstättersee aims to create a setting for the exchange of ideas and discussion.

Domenig Steinhaus | Uferweg 31, 9552 Steindorf am Ossiacher See




Just around the corner from Wörthersee, in Faaker Lake, is one of the most architecturally significant buildings in Carinthia: the stone house by Günther Domenig. The house is the most famous work of Carinthian contemporary architecture. The transformation of regional landscape elements led to an architectural sculpture with a diversity of intense spaces. The inspiring density of the place is staged by a program of symposia, workshops, artist residencies and events.

Kunstalm | Verditzer Straße 52, 9542 Verditz / Treffen am Ossiacher See




KUNSTALM is initiated by Katrin Liesenfeld-Jordan and Dirk Liesenfeld, owners of the art-lodge Hotel, to support an artist in residency programme and to realise a sculpture park with a distinct reference to the local environment. In addition, for around 20 years now, a collection of time based art is growing constantly, which is partly presented in the entire hotel and was shown in different exhibitions. The Sculpture Park comprises of approximately 15.000 square meters of alpine meadows. Every year, one or several artists are invited to create and realise an out- or indoor installation. Not only do the sculptures represent the collection outside, but also the projects enable young and emerging artists to realise projects in a public area.

Our list brings together the best recommendations on where to stay, eat and further contemporary art discoveries in and beyond the city.

Art Institutions:
Carinthian Museum of Modern Art
Soart artist in residency
Domenig Steinhaus
Kunstverein Kärnten 
Public Art/Architecture:
Cornelius Kolig – Das Paradies 
For Forest by Klaus Littmann
Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt
Galerie3 | Flux23
art-lodge alm
Schlosshotel Velden
Quick bites:
Kap 4613
Monkey Circus
Bar Bistro Anna Neumann
Cafe am Platz
See Restaurant Saag


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