viennacontemporary 2019 | Bildrecht SOLO Award

viennacontemporary | Bildrecht SOLO Award

Bildrecht has selected Marina Sula and Gabriele Senn (Galerie Gabriele Senn, Wien) as the winners of the viennacontemporary | Bildrecht SOLO Award, which amounts to a total of 4,000 euros.

After a preview tour of viennacontemporary 2019, a jury of experts found the presentation to be an outstanding artist and gallery statement in an international context.

Jury’s assessment

In her installations, Marina Sula examines ambivalent systemic dynamics between individuals and society in relation to the logic of institutions and the reception of art. With her exhibition booth’ artistic approach to a waiting room, Sula connects two spheres and reflects on social and artistic standardizations, time, consumption, and hedonism. The interplay between location reference, various contemporary media and aesthetics, as well as the involvement of the audience was particularly convincing for the jury.

JURY 2019
Maximilian Geymüller (Kunsthalle Wien), Roman Grabner (BRUSEUM, Neue Galerie Graz), Nina Schedlmayer (freie Kunstkritikerin), Hemma Schmutz (LENTOS & NORDICO Linz), Tina Teufel (Museum der Moderne Salzburg), Günter Schönberger (Bildrecht Wien).

The viennacontemporary | Bildrecht SOLO Award acknowledges the work of artists and galleries alike. The awarded artistic position should demonstrate great potential, while, at the same time, the gallery’s special commitment is required.


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Save the Date
26–29 September 2019
Marx Halle Vienna

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