A short conversation with…Marianne Vlaschits

In 2020, Austrian artist Marianne Vlaschits (1983) won the viennacontemporary | Bildrecht SOLO Award 2020 for her coherent booth design at viennacontemporary together with gallery Sophia Vonier. Touching upon feminist body discourses with playful ease, her booth presence featured a dreaming giantess with paintings of body orifices that function as portals to speculative cosmos, which resembled genitals but were in fact a belly button, larynx, throat, and a bowel. A jury of experts selected the booth as an outstanding artist and gallery statement in an international context for “creating a clever threshold situation between image space and surrounding space.”

Galerie Sophia Vonier and Marianne Vlaschits won the Bildrecht SOLO Award for their booth presence at viennacontemporary 2020.
Photo: (Manuel Lopez)

Your first memory of doing art… Having a discussion in Kindergarten about how to draw the sun (with or without beams!?)

The moment you knew you wanted to become an artist…That was not a single moment, it was a process which took several years.

The last thing you painted…At the moment I’m working simultaneously on two different paintings about the magnetic field of black holes.

…and are you happy with it? Yes, very!

How would you describe your work process? I do a lot of sketches and researching before I start painting. While painting, I try to forget everything and just paint intuitively. Once it’s finished, it’s like a riddle that we, I and the observer, have to solve.

Your favorite materials/colors…At the moment I’m very fascinated with browns and greys and how you can make them look very colorful.

Your art in one sentence: The transcendent experience of thinking about celestial bodies.

What do you want to tell the world with your art? I found something beautiful there, have a look!

A turning point in your career… Every new piece I make feels like a turning point.

An artist/artists you admire…There are so many, but at the moment I’m especially fascinated with Agnes Pelton.

The work you are most proud of…Usually, I like the most recent work the best and at the moment that is my solo show “A Body That Lasts“ in Galerie 5020 in Salzburg. Unfortunately it was closed most of the time because of the lockdown.

A work you would like to realize (given infinite budget)…Building and painting an entire exhibition on the moon!

The importance of the location Vienna for you and your career…I was born in Vienna, I studied here and I lived here for most of my life so…

Your favorite place in Vienna…Wienerwald

Where in Vienna do you go to for inspiration…My inspiration rather comes from my inside than from the outside world. I read a lot. A walk in the forest helps with thinking.

And of Vienna’s many cultural institutions – where do you recommend going to? The Museum of Natural History has a really beautiful meteorite collection. Afterwards, go and support young galleries, emerging artists, and off-spaces with your money.

The situation of artists in Vienna in your opinion…Quite comfortable compared to other cities.

Your situation during the lockdown…I cannot complain, it could be much worse. My everyday routine is not so different from my lockdown routine.

What do you miss most about pre-Corona-times? Socializing at openings, exploring new artists and art works in person.

Your experience at viennacontemporary last year…Obviously the Bildrecht Award made it a great experience for me, I loved the golden sticker they gave us for our booth.

What do you wish for in 2021? Getting vaccinated as soon as possible and an invitation for something great abroad.

Marianne Vlaschits lives and works in Vienna. Recent solo and group exhibitions include “A Body That Lasts”, Gallery 5020, Salzburg, 2020, “The magnetic magic”, Suzie Shride, Vienna, 2020, “The rabbit was guilty”, Gallery Sophia Vonier Salzburg, 2019, “A New Home”, Nathalie Halgand Galerie Vienna, 2018, “Cake Ceremony”, KW Center for Contemporary Art Berlin, 2017, “A Construction Site of Extraordinary Feelings”, The Breeder Gallery, Athens 2020, “Stone Telling”, Kunstraum NÖ , 2019 Vienna, “Fake It Till You Make It“, MeetFactory, Prague.

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