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First-Timers: 10 A.M. ART Gallery

2020 was an especially challenging year for the art business – galleries and art fairs were equally put under pressure by the worldwide Corona-Crisis. Yet, a few daring “first-timers” decided to turn the crisis into an opportunity and chose the year of the pandemic for expanding internationally and participating in viennacontemporary for the first time.

10 A.M. ART Gallery is one of those galleries. With their minimalistic, light booth, the Italian gallery became an instant shooting star of the fair. Founded in Milan in 2014 by Bianca Maria Menichini and Christian Akrivos, the gallery focuses on the work of artists whose research is based on an evocation of perceptive potential, whether stimulated by form, movement, light, color, or by mathematical programming. We talked to Bianca and Christian about their experiences.

Bianca Maria Menichini and Christian Akrivos, Directors of the gallery, Photo by Isabella Boghetti

“The first experience at viennacontemporary was very positive. We found a very prepared team, very welcoming and ready to solve every need even in a difficult moment like that of the pandemic. The fair was held safely, September was a good time because the virus was not circulating very strongly. We decided to drive by car from Milan because we felt safer.”

“We decided to participate in viennacontemporary because we like the city of Vienna very much. Austria has always been the location of important exhibitions of many of our artists. Prior to getting in touch with viennacontemporary, our first experience with Vienna was through the contact with Mumok for the creation of a work by Marina Apollonio that was to be presented in the museum’s exhibition. viennacontemporary stroke us as being well-organized and so we decided to apply  – and, fortunately, we were selected.”

“We had chosen to present a solo show of Sandro De Alexandris, an artist represented exclusively by our gallery and in whom we strongly believe. His works, minimal, elegant, and refined, seemed to us to blend well with the Viennese atmosphere. In fact, the works were tremendously appreciated by collectors. We were satisfied with the sales and the contacts made at the fair, there were excellent collectors that we hope to meet again during the next edition.”

“Covid-19 has interrupted many of the gallery’s activities: many fairs have been canceled, others postponed, we had to cancel all the vernissages of the exhibitions and receive by appointment only. We have had to go through several lockdowns already. We have therefore enhanced communication, social media, and everything related to online, enriching our website and improving its appearance. Fortunately, even though everything has slowed down a bit, the situation is not too bad.

“After all, we have come a long way: we used to be art collectors, for us art was a beautiful passion. At one point we realized that it could become a job and we started participating in small fairs. Later, we opened the first gallery in Milan and gradually grew as a business. At first, it was not easy, both of us had other jobs on the side, but for us, it felt like a natural evolution. Now, we dedicate our time solely to the gallery business. We now own space of 300 square meters in the heart of Milan, participate in national and international fairs, and we have excellent relationships with many museum institutions.”

10 A.M. ART, the gallery, Photo by Bruno Bani

“We really miss being able to meet people, visit artists’ studios and move freely. We hope to be able to start doing it again soon, we don’t like to think about redesigning the way we do our work, we like to think we can start doing it again as before.”

2 – 5 September 2021
Marx Halle, Vienna

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