Vienna Weekly 11.10 – 17.10

Another full week in Vienna! If you have missed the opening, drop by the iconic exhibition The 80s. Die Kunst der 80er Jahre in Albertina Modern, visit MATTHIAS NOGGLER: Thicket of Things at Layr, or drop by Admiral Kino for a selection of Lithuanian short movies. Fetch your agenda and note down your preferred art events.

Vienna Weekly presents a selection of weekly exhibition openings, (online) talks, and art events taking place in Vienna. Discover the contemporary side of the city.

Richard Hoeck / John Miller, Something for Everyone, 1999, DVD. Courtesy NKW.

MONDAY, October 11

TUESDAY, October 12

WEDNESDAY, October 13

THURSDAY, October 14

FRIDAY, October 15

SATURDAY, October 16

Let’s enjoy art safely: Please respect the current Covid-Rules and in mind that some events may require registration.

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