Love is in the air at viennacontemporary.

A work of art is worth a thousand words…. isn’t that what they say? Take Gustav Klimt’s Kiss or René Magritte’s Lovers as an example – the most romantic moments of mankind are captured on canvas as masterpieces. viennacontemporary, of course, is not stingy with matters of the heart either. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have taken the liberty of compiling a selection of some of most romantic works presented at Austria’s fair for contemporary art in recent years.

Roses are red, violets are blue … but why give your sweetheart real flowers when on a canvas they bloom for eternity?

Damien Flood, Paint Brush Cup Flowers, 2021
Oil on canvas, 70 × 60 × 3 cm
Courtesy of Green On Red Gallery

You can go for more unconventional twists…

Haruko Maeda, The great bouquet, 2021
Oil on canvas, 170 × 130 × 4 cm

…or keep it simply classic

Maria M. Bordeanu, Bloom, 2021
Oil on canvas, 40 cm diameter
Courtesy of 418 Gallery

Maria M. Bordeanu, Closer, 2021
Oil on canvas, 40 cm diameter
Courtesy of 418 Gallery

Single and not willing to mingle? (Or banned in isolation due to quarantine?) Throw on your finest gown and celebrate your most important Valentine’s – yourself!

Haruko Maeda, Self portrait „Isolate fashion show“, 2020
Watercolour on paper, 56 × 34 × 4 cm

After all, it is yourself who you will be spending the rest of your life with – so get comfortable!

Sophie Thun, Altstadt, 11.03.2019, ST, 2019
Contact print + photogram, silver gelatine print on baryta paper, in artist frame, 30 × 40 cm
Courtesy of Sophie Tappeiner

A shout out to blossoming relationships in that giddy, playful phase, unable to keep their hands off each other!

Peter Puklus, Tickling (black, red and yellow), 2021
Acrylic pen and ink on Munken paper, 37.2 × 29.7 cm
Courtesy of Glassyard Gallery

These first touches…

Michal KERN, First touch, 1984
Courtesy SODA gallery

Paweł Jaszczuk, Untitled, 2018
Archival pigment print
Courtesy of Ostlicht. Gallery for Photography

Renate Bertlmann, Zärtliche Berührungen, 1976
Digital photography mounted on dibond, 95.5 × 97 cm
Courtesy of Galerie Steinek

The sleepless nights…

Nobuyoshi Araki, Untitled, #34, 2006
Gelatin silver print, 16.9 × 25.5 cm
Courtesy of Ostlicht. Gallery for Photography

Love comes in many forms

Matthew Attard, The Three Graces, 2018
Wire and wall, 130 × 80 cm
Courtesy of Galleria Michela Rizzo

…and various preferences

Otto Muehl, Action in Freudenau Water – Masochistic Jockey Action in the Mud Doris Heinrich, Malte Olschewski, Vienna, 1969
Gelatin silver print from original negative, 50 × 50 cm
Courtesy of Ostlicht. Gallery for Photography

Love is all about companionship and common interests

AA Bronson & Keith Boadwee & Georg Petermichl, PLAID Landscape, 2015
132.1 × 165.1 cm
Courtesy of and the editions

Sometimes, however, desire causes pain…

Vasilisa Palianina, I love you, I love you so much. And are you?, 2020
Oil on canvas, 70 × 100 cm
Courtesy of Syntax Gallery much pain!

Thean Chie Chan, Untitled, 2014
Mixed media on print, 23 × 16 cm
Courtesy of Galerie Krinzinger

Still, we cannot live without love, can we?

Tolj Slaven, Food for Survival, 1993
Baryta, 100 × 70 cm
Courtesy of Galerie Michaela Stock

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