Re-Thinking Phygital. The Powers of a MetaUniverse supporting Ukraine

How a new project of viennacontemporary by established Ukrainian artists together with outstanding OG#s of the Crypto World is helping the Ukrainian art scene.

Modernity presents us with a number of questions. What if “phygital” art is the new normality? How can crypto reality converge with the established contemporary world? How can the modern art market give artists more power, impact, and freedom?

The artists Angie Taylor, Anna Kostritskaya, Bard Ionson,  Dmytro Fedorenko,  Gala Mirissa, Gary Cartlidge, Ilan Katin, Julia Beliaeva, Katerina Zavoloka, Max Kilderov, Oficinas TK, Oleksiy Ivanyuk, Vlada Ralko, Oleksiy Sai, Shortcut, and Sparrow confirm how the two worlds could intertwine in a new way.

This year, #viennacontemporary (VCT) is launching the Crypto Art Drop supporting the Ukrainian Art Community in the format of an NFT drop. The NFTs will be released at the end of August and the auction is set on 9–11 September, 2022.

Work from Ilan Katin, Kateryna Zavoloka, Julia Beliaeva, Bard Ionson, and Oleksiy Sai

Within the initiative STATEMENT UKRAINE, the project will feature at least eight art pieces created by established contemporary Ukrainian artists in collaboration with original crypto gangsters, so-called OG’s to be selected by #viennacontemporary Artistic Director Boris Ondreička, #viennacontemporary Business Development Director Yana Barinova, the Founder of the Museum of Crypto Arts, Benoit Couty, and leading Ukrainian Crypto Artist Yura Miron.

Work from Angie Taylor is paired with Vlada Ralko

“It’s a great privilege to have the opportunity to collaborate with Ukrainian artists on this important project. I’m excited to see how we can combine 2D and 3D in ways that complement both artists’ styles. I’m also very enthusiastic about helping my fellow artists discover how they can benefit by joining us in the Crypto art movement,” – Angie Taylor, one of the participants said. 

viennacontemporary will build this project on the Tezos blockchain platform. Moreover, the project is supported by the Museum of Crypto Arts and 0x4rt. Artists will mint the NFTs and #viennacontemporary will sell them at The major part of the primary returns from the sales will be donated directly to one of the charity organizations in Ukraine. The project team includes Yana Barinova, a member of the VCT Board of Advisors, Tom Wallmann, and Olha Stoliarchuk.

The main goals of the organizers of the project are to support Ukraine and raise the voice through the arts, to provide sustainable assistance for Ukrainian artists by pairing them with international crypto stars as well as to help them in launching their works on relevant digital art platforms to create awareness. 

“Collaborations have always been one of the core elements of crypto art, so I’m super happy about the possibility of working with an artist from Ukraine. It is probably the best thing I can do to show my support for the Ukrainian people in their fight for peace, freedom and self-determination,” – Shortcut

Last but not least, the project aims at combining the digital and physical worlds, as well as connecting artists from East and West, a core mission of viennacontemporary.

“We have merged crypto art with physical art to give more visibility to the situation in Ukraine. War cannot destroy art/culture because the artists will fight against war by generating art,”Gala Mirrisa, Spanish crypto artist 

“I am so thankful that artists join their efforts globally to support us and the Ukrainian art scene. It really warms the soul, gives a feeling that humanity and compassion still exist, gives strength to fight and faith in the victory of the world’s intelligence over the stupidity of the enemy.”Anna Kostritskaya

Work from Gala Mirrisa, Max Kilderov, Sparrow, and Anna Kostritskaya

Why Crypto? Four years ago, a small group of artists started using non-fungible tokens to certify their digital artworks and make them unique and tradeable online. It was the start of a revolution and it is still unfolding as many are unaware of the benefits NFT brings.

“Crypto artists are on the frontline of this revolution. They spread the word for other artists to join the process by teaching the technology and showing the way. The viennacontemporary Crypto Art Drop is an unprecedented contribution to this revolution,” say Thuy-Tien Vo and Benoit Couty from MoCA (Museum of Crypto Art). 

It is also a fantastic opportunity to fund the Ukrainian cultural program and to highlight the work and message of Ukrainian artists — a note of progress and hope in a time of war and regression.

The war in Ukraine, which affects the whole of Europe, is still ongoing. Ukrainians, especially in the art community, need support, not only with funding but also with sustainable educating and discovering new opportunities, which we think is great to do in collaborations.

Now we see that physical-digital art is the new norm. In the collaboration process between artists, the old spaces intertwine with the innovative crypto world. This completely original convergence of human and machine creativity allows us to predict the future, understand the past, and establish the present.

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