Vienna Weekly: October 17 – 23

This week is packed with new and exciting shows and happenings across the city. Whether you feel like joining a discussion or lecture – such as, for example, the conversation with Anna Daučíková at the Secession – or prefer to visit one of the many exhibition openings, have a look here for what we selected for you!

Vienna Weekly presents a selection of weekly exhibition openings, (online) talks, and art events taking place in Vienna. Discover the contemporary side of the city.

Klitclique: With spielen nicht
On view in ALBA gallery on October 20.

TUESDAY, October 18

WEDNESDAY, October 19

THURSDAY, October 20

FRIDAY, October 21

  • Exhibition Opening: General Alert. Wars that Have Never Ended | with VALIE EXPORT, Sanja Iveković, Anna Jermolaewa, Nikita Kadan and others | ERSTE Foundation and multiple locations | 4:00 – 11:00 pm.

SATURDAY, October 22

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